N000056 – Flooring made easy

    N000057 – Surprise solo



    N000058 – Common grounds




    N000059 – Leave your fears at the door




    N000060 – Dance scene to lose funding from Altria




    N000061 – Bunheads- dance accessories





    N000062 – Sarah Lane in Jorma Elo’s Glow-Stop





    N000063 – Flower girl in Don Quixote




    N000064 – Mark Morris in Ted Shawn’s Mevleni Dervish




    N000067 – Dance Theater Northwest






    N000068 – North coast dance


    N000531 – Chief Lemee


    N000529 – Panama
    N002680 – Eskimo dance in Kotzebue, Alaska where the natives live from fishing and entertaining tourists with their native dancing.

    N000055 – Ananiasvili’s Georgia




    N000065 – The State Ballet of Georgia in Swan Lake

    N002715 – LOVELY HULA MAIDENS… The colorful ti leaf skirts and flower leis sway gracefully to an enchanting melody of HAWAII, the ALOHA STATE.




N002850 – Young Hawaiian Entertainers. Island girls start early to learn the grateful movements of native dances under the palms.




N000423 – Hawaiianische Hula-Tänzerinnen.

Folk Dances of the World
Edited by Alkis Raftis 
International Dance Council – Conseil International de la Danse
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