N000035 – The main figures of Ramayana dance.



    N000490 – Folk Dance Indonesia.



    N000534 – Asian Barong



    N000537 – Ramayana



    N000093 – The Legong Dancers.


    N000625 – Ramayana Performance.


    N000626 – “Golek” Dance
Administrative divisions

    N000008 – Climax of the Barong Play in Bali



    N000009 – Monkey Act in Barong Dance



    N000010 – The Baris Dance



    N000012 – An act in Barong Dance, Bali



    N000013 – Balinese Barong



    N000014 – Well trained Balinese dancer



    N000015 – Part of the Ramayana ballet



    N000016 – The Barong



    N000017 – The Gay dance of Bali



    N000020 – “Tjak, tjak, tjak” sounding out from the temple yard, where the Ketjak dance being performed.



    N000021 – The Barong and the tranced dancer.



    N000022 – The gifted young dancers of Bali.



    N000023 – Tari Janger, Bali



    N000024 – Monkey searching for flea on Barong in Barong Dance




    N000025 – When raining season comes, they have the Ramayana Ballet staged at the village hall.




    N000004 – Barong and Keris dance.



    N002610 – The exiting Ketjak Dance of Bali.



    N002629 – バロン と ランダ の 舞踊 劇 ( 善 と 悪 の 争い を 象徴 する ) の 「 中 の 「 短剣 の 踊り 」、 終幕 に 近づき 、 出演 者 は 恍惚 状態 に なる 。 /   Les danseurs de KERIS tombent en extase a la fin du jeu de BARONG & RANGDA.



    N002644 – Tari Tenun.



    N002671 – Sacred Barong. (Bali).



    N000539 – The Barong dancers.



    N002714 – The graceful dance of Bali.



    N002075 – Part of the Barong Play in Bali.

    N002051 – Jatayu in Bali version.



    N002055 – Kebyar.



N002770 – The kebyar dance at Peliatan, Bali.



N002804 – Kecak dance, Bali.



N002810 – The Kris dancers are in trance-the climax of the Barong Play in Bali.



N002846 – The noted Taman Ajun in Bali and a graceful Djanger dancer. Djanger Dance is a modern and popular dance in Bali.



N002847 – The exiting Ketjak Dance of Bali.



N002899 – The legong Dancers.




N002904 – Ketchak, monkey dance.

N002923 – Moonlight Night Dance of Karo, North Sumatra.

N002916 – Dance of Tribute, West Sumatra.



    N000018 – Traditional dancer with traditional Toraja house as background, South Sulawesi.

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